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A blusher is a colored powder or liquid used to highlight the cheekbones and add some color to one's face. Also known as rouge, blusher is one of the most commonly used makeup products and is considered a staple in most beauty kits. Blusher is especially popular among pale and fair-skinned women, whose cheeks tend to look flat and dull when not made up.

Blusher comes in several basic colors, but the most common are shades of pink and red. Most blusher colors are made after natural skin tones, so that they don't look unnaturally red when applied. Alternative blusher shades became a fad in recent years, and for a time the manufacturers offered cream, bronze, and even blue blushers. However, skin-toned blusher remains the standard and is still preferred by most women.

Blusher also comes in different forms, but the most popular are powder, gel, cream, and shimmers. Powder blusher is the most common type and is usually applied with a large, loose-haired brush. Cream and gel blusher has natural moisturizers and works best with dry skin, while shimmer blusher adds a glittery finish that works well with evening makeup.

A general rule when choosing blusher color is to match the color of your cheeks after a good workout. This keeps your cheekbones looking natural rather than made-up, which is a common problem with blusher users. You should also match the color to your skin tone-choose a dark blusher if you have dark or tanned skin, and a light pink or cream one if you have a fair complexion.

Blusher Articles

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